My past week via instagram.
Friday: Black Tie dance Party.. way fun.
Saturday: The Trappers Show At Velour, my friend Kc's band! Love them, check them out.
Sunday: Dakota's birthday, she wouldn't hold still for a picture so here is me in a silly hat.

Monday: My Little Brother Max's Bday, LOVE YOU LIL BRO. XOXO.
(Monday stilll) Went to Nickelcity with some friends and took a group picture with some randoms.
Tuesday: I babysat Jaxon, Nicole's moms dog. He loves me now.
Wednesday: Discovered the best game ever.. DRAW SOMETHING. Play me, username brookesta.
Thursday: Video chat with a friend.
Excited for the weekend.


video games.

Hi, i'm going to try and blog more.. I mean I love doing it but I never really know what to blog about.. so today I am going to just say stuff thats on my mind....
This song is lovely, I love her voice and she is BEAUTIFUL.. Her song Born to Die is free on itunes this week. (or maybe it was last week)
NYE was lots of fun, went to a party in Bountiful then another in SLC. Awesome till I lost my phone and wallet. BUMMER...

It was a good time in my Charlie Chaplin inspired outfit. 2012 will be fun, so far so good. By the way... who wants this dog, SHE IS FOR SALE.
let me know:)



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Love these girls.