Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend.

Ever since Spark I have been super inspired to create things and get ideas from everywhere!
I was shopping at Victoria's Secret and I saw this..

I was obsessed, if you know me you know.. I LOVE me some bling.
I wanted to buy the big peace sign but it was a store decoration and not for sell.
A couple days after I saw these amazing things I was at
Joann's and I found a paper mache letter B and I thought that for sure I could make the B into a Bling B.
It turned out so good, I am kinda obsessed with it! It took a while to make but was WELL worth it.


Things I'm loving.

Taylor Swift Christmas Album.
Thanks to Megan, I have it! I listen to it on my computer constantly. I blast it in the car and sing along, obviously when I am alone, no one else shares the love for it.
(They might have at one time, but I might have over played it.)
House of Three
I am loving all the yummy goodness they have, and I am learning how to do the digital stuff. Attempt:
I have been printing some off on clear avery sticker paper to use as a transfer, taught by the lovely Rhonna. Maybe I will become as digitally savvy as Rhonnna, but I highly doubt it, SHE ROCKS.

One Word..Netflix!
Such a brilliant idea, really dvd's sent to your house. I love to watch the movies we get while I am scrapbooking. Right now we are into Six Feet Under, such a random show! I just love it, not having to go to the stinky movie store that NEVER has the shows you want.

My daily Album. I think it's so much fun, and I can't wait to see the finished.
Here's a page where I used some House of Three, I love love the little dear.

Santa Wog.

Um hello, how Cute is this little guy. He is ADORABLE.

Well those are the things that I am loving right now. Tonight were going to see Pixel Pop do some stand up, he is so funny!


25 Days of Christmas Book.

I am making a 25 days of Christmas Book. It is so much fun, I am using my Girl's Loft kit.
It's a lot of fun, I make a new page everyday. I love this kit, like a REALLY love it.
I can't believe that we have already being doing this for six Months.. SO CRAZY. It really is so much fun and I love working with my Mom and Megan.
The last six months have been really great and I wouldn't wish to spend them with anyone else.