New toy.

I got a new toy & it's called incredibooth. It's an iPhone4 app that you take photo booth pictures of your self. I'm obsessed! Oh and I lurve my iphone4. Steve Jobs is brilliant:)

(I'm actually blogging with it in the car on my way to Idaho for another wedding)


next step.

Today I paid my down payment for school, I couldn't be more excited. I am going to...
I start in 12 days, I'm nervous and excited.
I need to find somewhere to live pronto.
So when you need your hair done or anything just let me know!


what i want.

a cute summer hat.

A cute summer ride:) I would rock this and you know it.

same place, different tat.
Ohh and some ice cream..
Making stuff for the wedding..super busy.


4th of july.

I really love July. The warm weather, family time, fireworks, carnivals, and lots of fun. I spent the weekend in Provo with my friend Jordan.We went to Stadium of Fire at BYU, it was so much fun.
Carrie Underwood was amazing, I loved her. I didn't think the people around us liked us standing up dancing and singing way loud BUT it was too fun to stop. Hahaha, this lady didn't enjoy.

(jordy, me, chelsi, jentry)
The Fireworks at Stadium of Fire are always AMAZING. I remember when I used to go when I was little, it is the best part of fourth of July. This year some of the fireworks went crazy and hit people, It was crazy! (also a little funny.)
On Monday we went to our cousins for a bbq/pool party. It was lots of fun and the food was DELICIOUS.
(my toes)
I was all red white and blue, even my home made head band was patriotic!



Remember this post. Well I figured out what it meant. GCD sent me a box of the fun Ava collection. The colors of the line were bright and fun, perfect for what I was working on. I loved working with the GCD Products. You should head over to the GCD blog to see what I created with the fun product they sent me! THAnks so much Heidi! Here's a little sneak
Fun colors right! I loved it.