Yes, I bleed BLUE.
I am SO happy to say that I was at the LaVell Edwards Stadium this (freezing) afternoon.
I was there to witness the win by the lovely cougs.
The game started and I was just happy to be there! ( thanks daddy!)
At first the Utes were up.
I LOVED the energy in the air, college football rivalry, so AWESOME.
Megan and I were snuggled up, cheering and yelling.
My dad's friend was VERY loud when yelling, I thought it was funny when he yelled things like...YOU SUCK REF, and THAT IS BULL *&^%. I thought the
BYU fans around would be mad/offended but I think they were glad
he was saying the bad words and they didn't have to.
I am sad that I didn't get a picture of all of us.
(Here's a picture of my dad and I at last weeks game.)
Back to the game, aka the Holy War, it was intense.
Overtime was great, I was standing up and freaking out! I REALLY wanted to win.
Max Hall threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to Andrew George, which lead to a lot of screaming fans and...so many happy people charging the field to congratulate the awesome players!
Being at the game made me act like a crazy BYU fan, next stop..
face paint and a car flag. (kidding.)
I bet my Grandpa Vern is so happy tonight, he LOVES BYU.


New Moon.

Truth is...
I am a super
twilight fan, (hey at least I admit it.)
I loved the book
and was so excited for the movie, and I LOVED it.
My mom and I made necklaces, yes we are nerds.
The little vile is full of Tim Holtz red alcohol ink so it will look like blood. We kinda went a little crazy with them. We wore all black with a hint of red, I was kinda dressed up for the movie.
So everyone should go see this movie, it was MUCH better then Twilight.
Oh and don't get too excited when Jacob takes his shirt off...
His body is killer, just sayin.


Long time no blog.

Woahhhh, I am slacking at the blogging. I promise to be better..(or at least try.) The last couple months have been crazy busy and lots of fun.

In September I went to St. George with a bunch of friends for Briauna's birthday, it was so much fun to get away and I LOVE THE SUN SHINE.October was Halloween and I dressed up as a witch this year.

November means spark! Spark was seriously SO much fun, lots of work but so much fun! I really think that my mom, Liz, Rhonna and Jefra did such an amazing job!
Here is a cute picture of my mom teaching, she and April taught such a great necklace making class! I loved all the necklaces that all the ladies created! I love the frame wall, (made by my daddy) it was a hit! I loved it, also the photo booth! It was so much fun!
It was lots of fun and I am so proud of my mom for putting it all together!