Creative Mind.

Lately my mind has been busy with ideas of layouts, mini books, cards and all kinds of creative things. I like it. I just switched bed rooms with Griffin, so I should be getting my room situated. Most of my stuff is moved and in place...BUT my mind is focused on creating. Scrapbooking/creating always makes me in a better mood. I love the feeling I get when I like what I made.
Right now I am making a mini book with quotes that inspire me and make me feel better. It's turning out pretty cute and it makes me feel better when I work on it.
I hope everyone has something that they love and that makes them feel the way I do about scrapbooking.



dance dance.

Last night...
Bri, Dev, Brecka, and some other girls went dancing.
It was lots of fun, I love to go with a big group of girls to dance.
It was PACKED, and I was so hot and sweaty but still had a fun time!
PS..Max is 18 today.


My new stamp.

Yesterday Megan, my mom and I were at TJ max and we found these really cute doily acrylic coasters! They were $3.99 so we all bought a set! They seriously are so cute! When I got home I opened them and thought about if i used it as a stamp.
Sooooo here's what I created!

The supplies that I used.
one coaster
speedball brayer
Adirondack dabber paint
craft paper
vintage book paper
circle punch
ribbon or trim
dyno label maker
I loved how it turned it, it's for sure my new favorite stamp!!



It's been a while... here you go...
Promise i'll try harder to blog.