Color of 2010.

Pantone made a press release saying that turquoise is the color of 2010.
I am pink girl, just like my mom, but I love this color.

In studies they found that Turquoise illustrates an escape to people, like looking at this color is taking them to a tropical paradise.

I love this color, probably my second favorite after pink. Can you imagine if your job was to pick out the color of the year? Now that would be cool.
Oh and I think I'll need this nail polish this year.

ALSO... go look at my Mom's blog on Wednesday, she has a surprise and you WON'T want to miss it.


Here's To 2010.

Happy New Year!
For NYE some friends and I went to the club in Provo called Spark, they sell virgin drinks that look like real cocktails. It's a fun and cool place! They were having a huge party for 2010.
I ordered a Shirley Temple and it had a cotton candy ball poking out of it! It was so yummy.
We saw these guys that looked really familiar and turns out they went to Lone Peak and one of them took Megan to Homecoming her junior year! They were so nice and fun to hang out with!
Hope you all have a GREAT 2010.