Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend.

Ever since Spark I have been super inspired to create things and get ideas from everywhere!
I was shopping at Victoria's Secret and I saw this..

I was obsessed, if you know me you know.. I LOVE me some bling.
I wanted to buy the big peace sign but it was a store decoration and not for sell.
A couple days after I saw these amazing things I was at
Joann's and I found a paper mache letter B and I thought that for sure I could make the B into a Bling B.
It turned out so good, I am kinda obsessed with it! It took a while to make but was WELL worth it.


Things I'm loving.

Taylor Swift Christmas Album.
Thanks to Megan, I have it! I listen to it on my computer constantly. I blast it in the car and sing along, obviously when I am alone, no one else shares the love for it.
(They might have at one time, but I might have over played it.)
House of Three
I am loving all the yummy goodness they have, and I am learning how to do the digital stuff. Attempt:
I have been printing some off on clear avery sticker paper to use as a transfer, taught by the lovely Rhonna. Maybe I will become as digitally savvy as Rhonnna, but I highly doubt it, SHE ROCKS.

One Word..Netflix!
Such a brilliant idea, really dvd's sent to your house. I love to watch the movies we get while I am scrapbooking. Right now we are into Six Feet Under, such a random show! I just love it, not having to go to the stinky movie store that NEVER has the shows you want.

My daily Album. I think it's so much fun, and I can't wait to see the finished.
Here's a page where I used some House of Three, I love love the little dear.

Santa Wog.

Um hello, how Cute is this little guy. He is ADORABLE.

Well those are the things that I am loving right now. Tonight were going to see Pixel Pop do some stand up, he is so funny!


25 Days of Christmas Book.

I am making a 25 days of Christmas Book. It is so much fun, I am using my Girl's Loft kit.
It's a lot of fun, I make a new page everyday. I love this kit, like a REALLY love it.
I can't believe that we have already being doing this for six Months.. SO CRAZY. It really is so much fun and I love working with my Mom and Megan.
The last six months have been really great and I wouldn't wish to spend them with anyone else.



Yes, I bleed BLUE.
I am SO happy to say that I was at the LaVell Edwards Stadium this (freezing) afternoon.
I was there to witness the win by the lovely cougs.
The game started and I was just happy to be there! ( thanks daddy!)
At first the Utes were up.
I LOVED the energy in the air, college football rivalry, so AWESOME.
Megan and I were snuggled up, cheering and yelling.
My dad's friend was VERY loud when yelling, I thought it was funny when he yelled things like...YOU SUCK REF, and THAT IS BULL *&^%. I thought the
BYU fans around would be mad/offended but I think they were glad
he was saying the bad words and they didn't have to.
I am sad that I didn't get a picture of all of us.
(Here's a picture of my dad and I at last weeks game.)
Back to the game, aka the Holy War, it was intense.
Overtime was great, I was standing up and freaking out! I REALLY wanted to win.
Max Hall threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to Andrew George, which lead to a lot of screaming fans and...so many happy people charging the field to congratulate the awesome players!
Being at the game made me act like a crazy BYU fan, next stop..
face paint and a car flag. (kidding.)
I bet my Grandpa Vern is so happy tonight, he LOVES BYU.


New Moon.

Truth is...
I am a super
twilight fan, (hey at least I admit it.)
I loved the book
and was so excited for the movie, and I LOVED it.
My mom and I made necklaces, yes we are nerds.
The little vile is full of Tim Holtz red alcohol ink so it will look like blood. We kinda went a little crazy with them. We wore all black with a hint of red, I was kinda dressed up for the movie.
So everyone should go see this movie, it was MUCH better then Twilight.
Oh and don't get too excited when Jacob takes his shirt off...
His body is killer, just sayin.


Long time no blog.

Woahhhh, I am slacking at the blogging. I promise to be better..(or at least try.) The last couple months have been crazy busy and lots of fun.

In September I went to St. George with a bunch of friends for Briauna's birthday, it was so much fun to get away and I LOVE THE SUN SHINE.October was Halloween and I dressed up as a witch this year.

November means spark! Spark was seriously SO much fun, lots of work but so much fun! I really think that my mom, Liz, Rhonna and Jefra did such an amazing job!
Here is a cute picture of my mom teaching, she and April taught such a great necklace making class! I loved all the necklaces that all the ladies created! I love the frame wall, (made by my daddy) it was a hit! I loved it, also the photo booth! It was so much fun!
It was lots of fun and I am so proud of my mom for putting it all together!


love it.

Meg and I went to the movies the other night.I loved this movie. I advise anyone to go to it. I really like Zoey Deschanel, she is great. I loved how the story was told. It made me want to find a boyfriend (or husband ha) that is fun all the time. I loved the things they did together, so cute.

My friend Travis left on his mission this week so some friends from highschool and I went out to dinner. It was lots of fun to be with all my friends from school, people I haven't seen since graduation.
I will miss Travie but he's doing a good thing and I am happy for him!
That's all for now really, I am really going to try to keep up on this thing.


Beautiful Day.

Today we went up the Farmington Canyon for a picnic, it was so much fun!
I loved spending the day with my family, I lovvve them.
It was SO beautiful up there.
We watched the sun set, SOO awesome.



Getting all ready for CHA:) I am so excited to see all the new product and to go to Florida! I think that we are going to go to Disney World! Woot woot, The Girls Loft is ready to go!



vintage zipper flowers= my new obsession!
They are so fun and easy to make! I bought a whole bunch of zippers from this old school fabric store in Bountiful! This head band was my first try. I think it turned out pretty cute!
I love seeing things and trying to figure out how I can make it myself (and make it cuter!)
This is me right now rocking my newest head band! I love the mixed colors!
I just think they are so cute! Some of my mom's friends have asked to buy some, so If you want some just let me know!


Bear Lake

This weekend we learned that Rocco can swim.

He loved to swim, but didn't like being cold when he got out!
It was so funny because he would start paddling before he even hit the water.
Bear Lake was fun! I loved being with my family for a weekend away.
We swam, layed out, rode our bikes, hung out, finished Dexter, and played uno.
I'm so happy my mom's family has the cabin..The Romney's Roost!
Hope you all had a good weekend!


viva las vegas.

I love the Vegas.
My Dad had a business trip in Vegas this week so, I decided to tag along.
Vegas is fun for about a day and a half, after that you just kinda feel dirty.
We stayed at The Trump International Hotel, It was very nice and fancy.

I loved it! I have to say, the Donald Loves his gold! I am not even
kidding, there was gold everywhere! Gold doors, gold elevator, gold tile and
even gold drinking fountains, to bad there wasn't gold toilets.
When we first got there we went and watched the ti pirate show, cool
but not really a kid show.(just saying)
We went to the pool three times, it was so hot and I loved it.
After laying out on the first day we went and walked on the strip.
Our hotel was right across the street from the Fashion Show Mall, my favorite
place to shop in Vegas. It has every store in the whole world. Utah
needs more malls like this one, my favorite store I went in was the Coach store.
I love love love coach, the new Poppy collection is SO cute.
I have several things from it that I would like..so if you love me ;)
On facebook I am a fan of coach so I showed the lady at the store
and I got the cutest coach pencils ever! The people at coach are SO NICE!
We shopped for a long time then we went back to the pool. It was warm
and the pool was cold, perfect mix!
Before dinner we sat by this huge aquarium and Jordy sat right in
a puddle of someones spilled beer wearing a white skirt. We were about to sit
at dinner so we ran into the bath room and she cleaned it off.
I was laughing so hard and while she cleaned it off I took pictures of her,
and myself in the mirror. Dinner was way good at cheesecake factory.
Today we woke up early so we could get in a few hours of
sun before we headed back to the 801. I had a really fun time
and when I get home I have to pack for Bear Lake!


post number one

My name is Brooke Anne.
I decided that I would start writing on a blog so..