viva las vegas.

I love the Vegas.
My Dad had a business trip in Vegas this week so, I decided to tag along.
Vegas is fun for about a day and a half, after that you just kinda feel dirty.
We stayed at The Trump International Hotel, It was very nice and fancy.

I loved it! I have to say, the Donald Loves his gold! I am not even
kidding, there was gold everywhere! Gold doors, gold elevator, gold tile and
even gold drinking fountains, to bad there wasn't gold toilets.
When we first got there we went and watched the ti pirate show, cool
but not really a kid show.(just saying)
We went to the pool three times, it was so hot and I loved it.
After laying out on the first day we went and walked on the strip.
Our hotel was right across the street from the Fashion Show Mall, my favorite
place to shop in Vegas. It has every store in the whole world. Utah
needs more malls like this one, my favorite store I went in was the Coach store.
I love love love coach, the new Poppy collection is SO cute.
I have several things from it that I would like..so if you love me ;)
On facebook I am a fan of coach so I showed the lady at the store
and I got the cutest coach pencils ever! The people at coach are SO NICE!
We shopped for a long time then we went back to the pool. It was warm
and the pool was cold, perfect mix!
Before dinner we sat by this huge aquarium and Jordy sat right in
a puddle of someones spilled beer wearing a white skirt. We were about to sit
at dinner so we ran into the bath room and she cleaned it off.
I was laughing so hard and while she cleaned it off I took pictures of her,
and myself in the mirror. Dinner was way good at cheesecake factory.
Today we woke up early so we could get in a few hours of
sun before we headed back to the 801. I had a really fun time
and when I get home I have to pack for Bear Lake!


donnapiranha said...

That was a fun read! You're a natural when it comes to writing talent. Tell your mama hi from Donna. Cute that you've labeled her Lady. :-)

Amy said...

Yeah.... a Brooke Blog! I am glad you had a good time with GA in Vegas. I am headed there next weekend... I can't wait to have me some pool time minus the kiddos. You are too cute... I will check in with you again...FOR SURE!

april said...

Hal-i-freaking-louah! You have a blog! Now I can really start stalking you.

Kim said...

I put u on my ok list... I do limit who is WORTHY..

They have those coach high tops here at the nex!!!!!!!