my twenty list.

1. Read 30 books. (2.5 a month... I think I can do it.)
2. Mini Triathlon
3. Join a team... soft ball, soccer, a design team...any team will do.
4. Start school.
5. Finish my high school scrapbooks.
6. Find Mr. right (even if it is Mr. right now.)
7. Tattoo
8. Go somewhere I've never been before
9. Ride a motorcycle
10. Kauai
11. Buy a car
12. Patriarchal blessing
13. week in the life(didn't quite keep up last time)
14. Snorkel
15. Hike to the Y.
16. Become friends with everyone.
17. Move out on my own.
18. Throw a party.
19. Learn how to cook.
20. Try sushi even though the thought of it makes me sick.

Oh and by the way... I am officially not a teenager anymore:)

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