Yes, I bleed BLUE.
I am SO happy to say that I was at the LaVell Edwards Stadium this (freezing) afternoon.
I was there to witness the win by the lovely cougs.
The game started and I was just happy to be there! ( thanks daddy!)
At first the Utes were up.
I LOVED the energy in the air, college football rivalry, so AWESOME.
Megan and I were snuggled up, cheering and yelling.
My dad's friend was VERY loud when yelling, I thought it was funny when he yelled things like...YOU SUCK REF, and THAT IS BULL *&^%. I thought the
BYU fans around would be mad/offended but I think they were glad
he was saying the bad words and they didn't have to.
I am sad that I didn't get a picture of all of us.
(Here's a picture of my dad and I at last weeks game.)
Back to the game, aka the Holy War, it was intense.
Overtime was great, I was standing up and freaking out! I REALLY wanted to win.
Max Hall threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to Andrew George, which lead to a lot of screaming fans and...so many happy people charging the field to congratulate the awesome players!
Being at the game made me act like a crazy BYU fan, next stop..
face paint and a car flag. (kidding.)
I bet my Grandpa Vern is so happy tonight, he LOVES BYU.

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Dub said...

is there any chance that you remember what section, row, and seat number you were sitting in?