Long time no blog.

Woahhhh, I am slacking at the blogging. I promise to be better..(or at least try.) The last couple months have been crazy busy and lots of fun.

In September I went to St. George with a bunch of friends for Briauna's birthday, it was so much fun to get away and I LOVE THE SUN SHINE.October was Halloween and I dressed up as a witch this year.

November means spark! Spark was seriously SO much fun, lots of work but so much fun! I really think that my mom, Liz, Rhonna and Jefra did such an amazing job!
Here is a cute picture of my mom teaching, she and April taught such a great necklace making class! I loved all the necklaces that all the ladies created! I love the frame wall, (made by my daddy) it was a hit! I loved it, also the photo booth! It was so much fun!
It was lots of fun and I am so proud of my mom for putting it all together!

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